Set your business apart from your competition and attract new clients with our online marketing advice and service.


Online Marketing

If you are looking to start presenting your business online Your Managed Technology can help. We offer expert online marketing solutions for businesses, including writing optimized searchable content and configuring engaging layout designs.

Squarespace is the website builder we use to create engaging websites, and is an incredible tool that is easy to use and very customizable options. It has a style is clean and fresh we really like, allowing businesses and their products to shine and deliver new clients. We focus on creating products that are easy to navigate, and that work well on mobile devices since 80% of internet users have a smartphone device and they spend an average of over 2 hours a day on their smartphones.

From our initial meeting and our detailed marketing audit, to the completed website and social media platforms, we work diligently to best represent your business and create content that matches your unique character and business brand. Our regular blog content and social media posts will turn your business into a thriving online presence, and we'll provide you with detailed analytical reporting and expert advice to help you grow even further.

Social Media Marketing

Enlarge your business network with an engaging social media marketing strategy designed to target customers at any time of day on their smart phones. Social media platforms promote your business and brand, and direct internet traffic towards your website where they can access crucial information and contact you. These platforms also add legitimacy to your company and can greatly enhance engagement between your customers and business. Our expertise and focused attention handles the maintenance of the platforms while delivering clear, accurate analytic data on the regular digital performance of your social media tools.



With 1.37 billion daily Facebook users in 2018, it's no surprise Facebook is the most popular social media platform out there. We create detailed pages about your business' services and target key demographics that will resonate with your brand and product. It's a versatile platform with an impressive reach.


Instagram is an image sharing social media platform that has experienced remarkable growth in the last 3 years. With 800 million monthly active users, the platform is particularly loved by young people under 30 and women. It's the perfect platform to showcase your product and connect with your customers.


LinkedIn is very business and employment orientated, and is a terrific platform to connect with peers in your industry, search for qualified recruits, and engage in a corporate marketplace. with 332 million members, it's an incredibly powerful platform worth considering.


Twitter is a fast growing online news and social media service with an active user base of 330 million. A more interesting statistic: ad engagement on Twitter has consistently increased totaling 91% year-to-year. With more male users and high-income earners, Twitter offers a unique marketing opportunity.


Video content is by far the most effective way to engage and connect with customers on the internet. YouTube is the perfect platform for this content, and its user base is enormous. As of August 2017, YouTube is ranked as the 2nd most popular website on the internet, with 1 billion hours watched every day.


Pinterest is a unique platform that allows you to engage with your audience and inspire them with your product or brand. The pin-board like app is proven to generate more online revenue than other platforms. Innovation for businesses on Pinterest is constantly growing, with unique features like virtual storefronts.